Costume and Production Designer

Real is a short film that I worked on with a group of friends. After a year of discussing the concept, we had a month for pre-production and filming. We made it happen and I’m so proud of the final result! 

I started collecting school uniforms from op shops months in advance, as I knew we had to shoot school scenes. This preparation made the sourcing process a lot easier when the film was in pre-production.

There is a television series [called Earthers] within the film that I had to design and make costumes for. The inspiration for this show was The 100 but using an Australian landscape, so I went for earthy tones for the costumes. I had to dye and age most prop and costume items for these scenes to maintain the colour scheme.

I absolutely loved this project and the people I worked with. I look forward to the next film we make together!


Director: Cass Dennis

Director of Phototgraphy: Corey Clement

Editor: Zac Musolino