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Costume and Production Designer

Real is a short film that I worked on with a group of friends. After a year of discussing the concept, we had a month for pre-production and filming. We made it happen and I’m so proud of the final result!




Costume Designer and Maker

My final assessment at the VCA was to design and create a response to one of two texts. Our choices of texts were Candide, the libretto based on Voltaire’s novel or Optimism, its contemporary Australian adaptation, written by Tom Wright. I chose the latter and developed a concept for the main character’s costume that I had to construct.


The Searching

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Costume Designer and Maker

The final show I worked on at the VCA was this dance piece choreographed by Feng Feng Wang and performed by second year VCA Dance students. It was really exciting to watch the devising process of this piece and create costumes in response to what I was seeing in the studio each rehearsal.



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Costume Designer and Maker

Mongrel is a VCA collaboration between Production, Musical Theatre and Interactive Composition students, where five groups are formed and each devise a performance from scratch and those performances are part of a single show. The theme each group created around was ‘Boundaries’ and we had creative direction from Maude Davey and Pete Farnam during the devising process. I was a designer for a group and we decided we wanted to explore the boundaries of the human body and mind.

Mustangs FC


Art Department Intern

I had the wonderful opportunity to intern under production designer, Jo Briscoe on the ABC3 television show, Mustangs FC in 2017, and was able to learn and practise creating graphics, set dressing and working on props for the show.

How To disappear completely and never be found


Costume Designer, Maker and Manager

This mouthful of a show was written by Finn Kennedy and performed at Grant St Theatre in early 2016. Alister Smith directed this performance of the play and it was performed by Company 16, who were the graduating Musical Theatre students of the VCA. This performance was a fundraiser for the students’ showcase performance later this year. This was my first opportunity to costume design a work for stage and I loved the experience.


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Costume Maker

LINE was a choreographed performance by Rheannan Port, performed by graduating VCA Dance students in 2016. The costumes were designed by Carletta Childs and I was the head maker of these costumes.

My darling alex


Costume Designer and Supervisor

Written and directed by Swinburne graduate, Wilson Huang, My Darling Alex is a gritty tale of crime and vengeance that challenged me with a genre I hadn't worked on before. Working on this film was an incredible experience that I'll treasure, as I learnt so much as the costume designer.

Marital Problems


Costume Designer and Supervisor

Marital Problems is an indie dramedy made in Melbourne, directed by Dia Taylor and written by Julian Barbor. Starring Callum Gault and Nick Capper, the film was released in 2017 and was part of the Melbourne Underground Film Festival where it won Best Comedy and Best Screenplay. See the trailer here.