My Darling Alex

Costume Designer and Supervisor


Written and directed by Swinburne graduate, Wilson Huang, My Darling Alex is a gritty tale of crime and vengeance that challenged me with a genre I hadn't worked on before. Working on this film was an incredible experience that I'll treasure, as I learnt so much as the costume designer.

The process of sourcing the gear for the vigilante costumes, SWAT team and Police uniforms was an interesting one. I found most of the costumes second hand from op shops or eBay and it took a lot of hunting to find the sheer volume of leather jackets we needed but we did it!

The beautiful stills are a testament to the passionate and hard-working team of people who worked day and night to make this film happen. I had the pleasure of being on set, dressing actors and seeing the action unfold on shooting days.