Mustangs FC

Art Department Intern

Anusha's bedroom and all of her certificates.

Anusha's desk and revision supplies.

I had the wonderful opportunity to intern under production designer, Jo Briscoe on the ABC3 television show, Mustangs FC in 2017, and was able to learn and practise creating graphics, set dressing and working on props for the show.

As this was an ABC television show, and they avoid using company logos on screen, a number of original graphics and logos had to be created to cover or replace things on screen. The show’s graphic designer created original logos for the soccer teams’ logos, which were used on costumes and for various prop and set items. I became responsible for designing a lot of logos and graphics that were necessary for props and for the background of shots, such as food packaging and a variety of posters, stickers and certificates. This was a lot of fun and it was great to refine my graphic design skills from high school with support from Jo on how to make things most effective. Here are some examples of what I made for the show.


I also had the opportunity to help dress some sets for the show! I loved dressing the houses of characters, Anusha and Bella. I created all of the graphics in Anusha’s room, and hand wrote her revision posters. Anusha is a particularly studious character so it was fun putting together such a meticulous and nerdy room. Bella’s character is a real bookworm and her room is a beautiful cave littered with books and posters. I loved the designs for their bedrooms and how well they reflected their inhabitants.

I also helped set dress a scene at 'The Wildcats' headquarters with pennants, merch and other graphics I'd made and painted some prop soccer balls so they would match softer balls for stunts.

This was an incredible internship opportunity and I learnt so much with an incredible group of people helping to teach me the ropes.