Costume Maker

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VCA DANCE 2016_4340_preview.jpeg

LINE was a choreographed performance by Rheannan Port, performed by graduating VCA Dance students in 2016. The costumes were designed by Carletta Childs and I was the head maker of these costumes.

Rheannan's point of inspiration in this work was indigenous artist, Lin Onus' Fruit Bats sculpture piece, pictured below. The dancers went from emulating a Hills Hoist clothesline, to demonstrating the industrialisation of the wash and wear cycle, and ultimately became the bats themselves, nocturnal and calm. It was such a beautiful piece and it meant so much to work on a piece that celebrated Australia's Indigenous people.


The costumes provided some challenges as Carletta designed structured hoods on the tops that would stay rounded, so I made patterns for a number of hoods that we tested on the dancers until arriving at a style that would work well, give the dancers enough peripheral vision and allow us to use Rigilene boning to create the shape desired.

I loved this project, and really enjoyed bringing another designer's vision to life. I learnt so much, with guidance from professional costume maker Jo Foley.