How To Disappear Completely and Never Be Found

Costume Designer, Maker And Manager

This mouthful of a show was written by Finn Kennedy and performed at Grant St Theatre in early 2016. Alister Smith directed this performance of the play and it was performed by Company 16, who were the graduating Musical Theatre students of the VCA. This performance was a fundraiser for the students’ showcase performance later that year. This was my first opportunity to costume design a work for stage and I loved the experience.

This design was a unique challenge for me, as the director asked that no colour be used in the costumes. I love using colour in my designs so this really forced me to find different ways to represent the characters. Another challenge was that every performer, besides our main actor, played at least two different roles. This, paired with a very minimal set design, meant the costumes had to do a lot to convey the characters. We also had a limited budget so I needed to use the performers’ clothing, and then borrow and thrift the rest. The only thing I bought new were 10 lab coats, which performed different functions throughout the piece.

‘Disappear’ was performed in the round and required a number of quick changes between costumes so I crewed the show to facilitate this. I'm incredibly proud of the outcome of this show. It pushed me outside of my comfort zone and I had an amazing time working on this piece with a brilliant crew.